20. Juni 2017: Zero Days (OV)


Dass Maschinen den Menschen im Griff haben, ist keine SciFi Zukunftsvision. Es ist schon jetzt alltägliche Realität. (Länge: 0:48 Min.)

Zero Days (Digital)

USA (2016)

ab 12 Mono 1,85:1
Regie: Alex Gibney
Schauspieler: David Sanger, Emad Kiyaei, Eric Chien
116 Minuten
World War 3.0

In 2010, IT security experts discover an extraordinary computer worm. “Stuxnet” – that is the name of this malware – is different from previously known computer worms. It is able to use multiple unpublished security vulnerabilities, so called “Zero Days Exploits”, to attack other computer systems. Stuxnet especially targets a uranium centrifuge model that is used in the Iranian facility in Natanz. Further analysis of the worm shows that its development costs would exceed the resources of ordinary hacker groups.

The complexity of Stuxnet suggests that it was implemented by public authorities. The participation of hackers of the American and Israeli intelligence services is confirmed through insider information. These insiders also provide details about the operation “Olympic Games”, which was started by George Bush Jr. in 2006.

The incident raises a lot of questions: What are the consequences of cyber attacks? Does a cyber attack against a foreign government facility count as an act of war? What other infrastructure could be sabotaged using cyber attacks? To what extent can such attacks influence our lives? Do we require rules for a digital war?

The malware itself grew like a toxic worm, infecting other systems all over the world. As one interviewee puts it, there is a “whiff of August 1945” about the Natanz attack – the first chapter in a new history of warfare. (The Guardian)

Gibney plays up the thriller elements of his story. At first, as he speaks to potential sources and collects archive interviews, everyone is stonewalling. Senior politicians and security advisors refuse to answer any questions about Stuxnet, or “Operation Olympic Games” as it was called in the intelligence community. (Independent)