11. Juni: The Truman Show (english)

Kurzfilm: Kwiz

Zwei Seniorinnen treffen sich in einem Wartezimmer. Nach einer Weile beginnen sie damit, sich gegenseitig die Klingeltöne ihrer Handys vorzuspielen. Welche kennt sich besser mit den Interpreten der Melodien aus? (Länge: 6:09 Min.)

The Truman Show

USA (1998)

ab 12 Dolby Digital 1,66:1
Regie: Peter Weir
Schauspieler: Jim Carrey, Ed Harris, Laura Linney
103 Minuten
All the word's a stage...

Truman Burbank doesn't know that his life is a big fat lie. Adopted by a television studio as an infant, his every move has been televised unbeknownst to him. Growing up, falling in love, graduating from school, becoming an insurance salesman, every moment of his life staged, brought to life by actors and filled with products to advertise.

However the well-kept studio facade literally begins to crumble as ratings wane and Truman, fighting conditioning and the world he believes he knows, starts to seek freedom. Seeing his star beginning to break the mould set for him, Christof the TV-producer with god-like powers in Trumans' world moves every lever to reign him in.

The Truman Show" is "Candid Camera" run amok, a sugar-spun nightmare of pop paranoia that addresses the end of privacy, the rise of voyeurism and the violation of the individual. Not that there's anything wrong with that. (Rita Kemply, Washington Post)