30. November 2004: Lost in Translation (OV)

Lost in Translation

USA/Japan (2003)

ab 6 Dolby Digital 1,66:1
Regie: Sofia Coppola
Schauspieler: Bill Murray, Scarlett Johansson
102 Minuten
Lost in Translation tells the story of two strangers becoming friends in a world alien to them. Bob, an aged movie veteran past his great moments has come to Tokyo for shooting an ad campaign. In the polished, exchangeably dull world of his Hotel he meets Charlotte, young wife to a hip fashion photographer. The two of them are lost in both a foreign world and their lives. In muted colours the movie shows both the silent desperation and the comic moments of a complete culture clash, bringing out the emptiness both Bob and Charlotte experience. Over the course of a week the two form a fragile friendship, helping each other to better cope with their lives, finding moments of hope and happiness.
"Lost in Translation isn't about complicated plots, big effects or clever dialogue, it's all about feeling, and probably the most dedicated movie in that for a long time." (Martin)