19. Dezember 2023: Violent Night (OV)

Kurzfilm: The Bloody Olive

Ein mörderisch gutes Weihnachtsfest. Der Tannenbaum ist geschmückt, und die Gäste kommen auch gerade. Ein Film mit Messern, Giften, Schusswaffen... und voller Leichen. (Länge: 10:55 Min.)

Violent Night (Digital)

UK, Kanada (2022)

ab 16 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: Tommy Wirkola
Schauspieler: David Harbour, John Leguizamo, Beverly D'Angelo
112 Minuten
You better watch out!

In the heart of Greenwich, Connecticut, a Christmas gathering at Gertrude's mansion takes an unexpected turn when Santa arrives and a group of ruthless mercenaries crashes the party. Led by "Mr. Scrooge," they take the family hostage, with their sights set on a $300 million prize hidden in the mansion.

Santa, along with a young girl named Trudy, embarks on a daring mission to rescue the family and thwart the mercenaries' plans. As secrets unravel and alliances shift, the true spirit of Christmas emerges amidst chaos and danger.

With traps, magic, and heartwarming surprises, this action-packed holiday tale unfolds as Santa faces off against his adversaries in a battle of wits and determination. Will the magic of Christmas prevail, or will the mercenaries succeed in their sinister plot?

Get ready for a thrilling and heartwarming holiday adventure that will leave you believing in the power of family, faith, and the spirit of Christmas.

Violent Night is one of the biggest surprises of the year, instantly becoming a contemporary Christmas classic! David Harbour expertly embodies a shockingly brutal, savage version of Santa Claus that somehow still delivers lovely messages. (Manuel São Bento, FirstShowing.net)