30. Januar: Strays (OV)

Kurzfilm: Useless Dog

Ein Landwirt macht sich Sorgen wegen der mangelnden Motivation seiner Hunde. (Länge: 5:30 Min.)

Strays (Digital)

USA (2023)

ab 16 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: Josh Greenbaum
Schauspieler: Will Ferrell, Jamie Foxx, Isla Fisher
93 Minuten
Who let the dogs out?

Reggie is a gullible border terrier who lives with his shady owner Doug. Reggie firmly believes that Doug loves him, although his owner is more concerned with his revenge on an ex-girlfriend. But when Reggie accidentally destroys a bong and Doug abandons him in the wilderness, an adventurous journey begins.

Along the way, Reggie meets other strays. Together, it slowly dawns on Reggie that his owner Doug is not as nice as he thought. He decides to get revenge, and together with his new stray friends, he embarks on a whimsical quest for revenge that is unusual even for strays.

The journey leads the group into crazy situations, including a wild frenzy and an unusual encounter with animal control. In the midst of all these adventures, it becomes clear that the strays have more in common than they first thought, and they begin to bond with each other.

This whimsical story tells of unusual friendships and shows that sometimes life has its own strange ways.

"Strays" is definitely one of the funniest, crudest films this year....adults only. (waltermwilliams, IMDb)