15. Januar 2008: The Simpsons Movie (OV)

The Simpsons Movie

USA (2007)

ab 6 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: David Silverman
Schauspieler: Dan Castellaneta, Julie Kavner, Nancy Cartwright
87 Minuten
... Spider-Pig, Spider-Pig ... does whatever a Spider-Pig does ...
Homer Simpson is deeply in a crisis. Not because his son Bart is withdrawing more and more, due to lack of parental care, but because of the environmental catastrophe he triggered by dumping his pig's faecal matter into Lake Springfield. Besides ecological consequences such as genetically altered squirrels, Homer's fault has dramatic effects on Springfield, now considered the United States' dirtiest town: to protect the general public, the environmental agency EPA insulates Springfield from the rest of the world with the aid of a gigantic cheese cover. The Simpsons manage to narrowly escape their angry fellow citizens. But happiness in their newly adopted homeland Alaska is short-lived, as the Governor passes a law planning to eliminate all of Springfield. Urgent action is required in order to save the friends who stayed behind. But while Marge and the children are on their way, Homer is much too lazy for such efforts. However, there's not much time left to think things over ...
What The Simpsons Movie does - and does well - is to revisit the series' most enduring situations and themes while upping the ante just enough to lend everything a new level of suspense. [...] Dated only in the sense that we all know it began in 1990, but otherwise terrifically funny and contemporary. (Rottentomatoes.com)