22. Mai 2018: The Disaster Artist (OV)

The Disaster Artist

USA (2017)

Zum Trailer
ab 12 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: James Franco
Schauspieler: James Franco, Dave Franco, Ari Graynor
104 Minuten
A non-disastrous disastrous movie movie

“The Disaster Artist” will be a single feature. “The Room” will not be shown.
“The Disaster Artist” findet abweichend von der Ankündigung in Programmheft und Poster NICHT im Double Feature mit “The Room” statt.

There are a lot of amazing directors in Hollywood that are very much loved by the audience for their talent and the wonderful artwork they created throughout the history of movie making. And then there is Tommy Wiseau. The infamous filmmaker is a truly unique kind of guy – which is the reason that actor Greg Sestero decides to bond with the mysterious character.

Together they start working on their very own movie “The Room” which is all about love, sex, social interferences, strong language and other random aspects that make absolutely no sense at all.

But isn’t the involuntary achievement of creating the worst movie ever even more impressive than some boring mediocre attempt at success? Come in, find out and enjoy the disaster!

A fascinating glimpse into the genesis of one of Hollywood's worst releases and […] worthy of a space […] on the shelf for dreamers who succeeded because of a lack of self-awareness and an epic void of talent. (ReelViews)