21. Dezember 2010: Stirb langsam (Weihnachts-Special)

Kurzfilm: Die Hard

Eine kurze animierte Parodie auf bekannte amerikanische Spielfilme, insbesondere auf „Die Hard“ mit Bruce Willis. (Länge: 1:30 Min.)

Die Hard

USA (1988)

ab 18 Dolby SR CinemaScope
Regie: John McTiernan
Schauspieler: Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Reginald VelJohnson
132 Minuten

New York Cop John McClane returns to Los Angeles to make up with his wife Holly and spend Christmas with her and their two kids. He surprises Holly during an office Christmas party at the high-rise building Nakatomi Plaza. But the party comes to a sudden end when gangsters raid the building.

Their target is the company’s safe, and to reach it, they take hostages. Among those is Holly – bad idea!

McClane is the only one who can hide and manages to contact police officer Al Powell. But his call for help is ignored by the local police … Sgt. Powell himself is the only one to provide aid.

The intruders now claim to be terrorists, to which the FBI reacts with the standard routine to cut the power of the building, which in turn clears the way to the safe. The only one who can save the day, smash everything to bits and take out the thugs is – of course – McClane!

Klasse Film, klasse Darsteller, reichlich Action und coole Sprüche am Laufband. Mehr brauchts nicht und drum ist die Höchstwertung für Die Hard die logische Folge daraus. (outnow.ch)