2. Februar 2012: The PhD Movie (OV)

Piled Higher and Deeper (Digital)

USA (2011)

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Regie: Vahe Gabuchian
Schauspieler: Raj Katti, Alexandra Lockwood, Evans Boney, Crystal Dilworth, K. Zachary Abbott
67 Minuten
Sometimes, when you can’t see the humor in your life and need a little push, PhD Comics can help you out.
Based on the famous comic strips by Jorge Cham (www.phdcomics.com), this movie shows an excerpt of a typical grad student's everyday life. We meet Mike, Cecilia, Tajel, and "The Nameless Guy", a bunch of rather typical PhD candidates from different fields. They all struggle with research, advisors, undergrads, and a diet of caffeine and ramen noodles while trying to find their way through life and through grad school.

If you are no grad student yourself, you can nevertheless enjoy the movie. But it is the PhD students around the world who will actually feel the stress, frustration and scarce success of the characters, and the ray of hope: You are not the only one.
Like monks and prisoners, all PhD students, whatever their discipline, have some things in common, and Cham's movie, tapping adeptly into that shared culture, will provide a welcome break between supervision sessions and grading papers. (Times Higher Education)