3. Dezember 2013: Sin City (OV)

Sin City

USA (2005)

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ab 18 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller
Schauspieler: Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba
124 Minuten
Sin City. The city for the hard, corrupt and broken hearted.

The black and white movie - except for some details like the yellow bastard and blood (lots of blood) - is about different stories taking place in Basin City with the nickname Sin City. The plots are a composition of Frank Millers Comics.

The ex-prisoner Marv meets the prostitute Goldie. On the very next morning she is found dead next to him in bed. He vows to avenge her death and tries to track down the killer with the help of Goldie’s twin sister Wendy.

Dwight has to stop his girlfriend Shellie‘s psychopathic and abusive ex-lover Jackie Boy. After Jackie Boy abuses a young prostitute, her colleagues and Dwight team up to kill Jackie Boy.

An old policeman has to save a young girl called Nancy, who is taken hostage by a pervert. The only way to stop him is to take all his weapons. 8 Years later he finds Nancy again. She is now working at a bar as an exotic dancer.

Zuschauer können den Film nur hassen oder lieben, die extreme Gewalt, die stinkende Hässlichkeit und atemberaubende Schönheit, die Gegensätze könnten kaum größer sein. (freshfilms.de)