19. Mai 2022: The Alpinist (Garching, OmdU: English, deutsch Untertitel)


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The Alpinist

USA (2021)

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ab 12 Dolby Digital
Regie: Peter Mortimer, Nick Rosen
Schauspieler: Marc-André Leclerc, Peter Mortimer, Alex Honnold
92 Minuten
No margin for error!

Marc-André Leclerc is an extreme climber - he likes to just go for it, without a partner, without assistance.

The film tells the story of the young man's life through interviews: after graduating from high school, he moved to Squamish, Canada, where he quickly made friends with local climbers and soon showed a lot of talent. Experienced colleagues such as Reinhold Messner clarify that Leclerc's style is also called Free Solo or Onsight: Climbing without a partner, without belay or route planning, which is considered particularly dangerous and requires a high level of expertise.

But Leclerc is not put off by the danger. For him it is all about the intense experience of the moment and the uniqueness of the experience. This is also the reason for his repeated disappearances during filming: the opportunity to be alone with his mind, nature, and the challenge - without a film crew trailing along. But everytime he does so, there remains the question: will Leclerc return safely?

This is an unforgettable documentary about a free-spirited nonconformist who lived his life to its fullest while engaged in the extreme dangers of free solo mountain climbing. (Common Sense Media)