24. Januar 2023: Akira (OmU)

Kurzfilm: A Heap of Trouble

Neun nackte Männer gehen eine Straße hinunter. (Länge: 4:10 Min.)


Japan (1988)

ab 16
Regie: Katsuhiro Ôtomo
Schauspieler: Mitsuo Iwata, Nozomu Sasaki, Mami Koyama
124 Minuten
Signal Traced to Tokyo!

In 1988 a devastating explosion wiped Tokyo of the map and started World War 3. 30 years later Tokyo is built up again. This so-called Neo-Tokyo full of skyscrapers is a city of wealth, but down in the streets the gangs are in control. There are riots and bombings.

The young Shōtarō Kaneda is leader of a bike gang. Together with his friend Tetsuo Shima, who is also in the gang, he grew up in an orphanage and is now fighting for his gang’s territory in the streets of Neo-Tokyo. One day after a fight, the military intervenes and takes the two boys in. It turns out Tetsuo has superhuman powers and the scientists even think his power is on the same level as Akira’s, who singlehandedly caused the explosion 30 years ago that destroyed the city. But Tetsuo is not able to control them …

Style and substance run neck and neck in this thrilling, bold landmark film that just refuses to become dated. (Phelim O'Neill, Guardian)