7. Februar 2023: Das Licht, aus dem die Träume sind (OmU)

Das Licht, aus dem die Träume sind (Last Film Show)

Indien, Frankreich, USA (2021)

ab 12 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: Pan Nalin
Schauspieler: Bhavin Rabari, Richa Meena, Bhavesh Shrimali
110 Minuten
When you have nothing, nothing can stop you. Sound and light and the idea of travel and time, it was so cinematic.

Enter the small village of Chalala in the region of India called Gujarat, home of the resourcefull young boy Samay, where the vast majority of the population does not eat meat and wild lioness take care of their cubs. The 9-year-old's father prepares tea for the transients at the train station and his mother conjures up the best home cooking in the world (by times, this comes in really handy).

Samay is a born storyteller, so he and his friends let their imaginations run wild in a run-down house in the so-called ghost village with fallen treasures brought in by the narrow-gauge railroad.

After attending a movie at Galaxy Cinema for the first time, Samay is hooked. In return for delicious packed lunches, Fazal, the projectionist, lets him watch more films through the projection window and introduces him to the art of screening. Samay enjoys each one of them and tinkers with his friends on their first show towards a career as a filmmaker.

Last Film Show is as visually intoxicating, as it is thematically rich. The glimpses of vibrantly colored films, the sight of meals simmering in herbs so gorgeous that you'll swear you'll smell the aroma. (Richard Whittaker - Austin Chronicle

The movie is not only a love letter to cinema, but a personal confession of a sympathetic and home conscious movie maniac who finds his analogue in Samay. (Gaby Siborski - www.programmkino.de)