14. Juli 2015: Top Secret! (OV)

Kurzfilm: Gummifaust

Bekanntlich sind junge Leute offen für Neues. So auch für eine moderne Interpretation des Theaterstücks „Faust”. Doch nicht jeder ist damit zufrieden. (Länge: 8:55 Min.)

Top Secret!

USA, UK (1984)

ab 12 Dolby SR 1,85:1
Regie: Jim Abrahams
Schauspieler: Omar Sharif, Jeremy Kemp, Warren Clarke, Val Kilmer
90 Minuten
Rock musical meets spy thriller

1984: The government of East Germany has a plan to reunite Germany. By means of the “Polaris naval mine” they want to destroy the NATO submarine fleet and thereby shift the balance among the global powers.

As a decoy, they organize an international cultural festival. Nick Rivers, the famous American rock star, is supposed to perform there. Nick therefore travels to Berlin, where he meets the beautiful Hillary Flammond. Her father, Dr. Paul Flammond, is a brilliant scientist. He is held captive by the Germans and forced to develop the Polaris naval mine.

Hillary tries to contact the “resistance” in order to free her father, and Nick decides to help her. But soon the resistance discovers that there is a traitor in their midst who compromises their plans …

“Top Secret!” shares the same wonderful wacky attitude that allows just about any kind of gag to come flowing in and out of the picture at the strangest times. (Variety)