9. Mai 2015: The Pink Panther (OV, Jubiläumsfilm, Beginn 17:00 Uhr)

Kurzfilm: 100 Jahre Kino

Eine Fliege setzt ein Praxinoskop in Bewegung. Der darin abgebildete Mann beginnt eine Reise durch ausgewählte Stationen der Filmgeschichte. (Länge: 2:10 Min.)

The Pink Panther

USA (1963)

ab 12 Mono CinemaScope
Regie: Blake Edwards
Schauspieler: David Niven, Peter Sellers, Robert Wagner
112 Minuten
A Madcap Frolic of Crime and Fun.

The clumsy and unaccomplished inspector Jacques Clouseau has found his life’s task in catching the famous jewel thief “The Phantom”, who has relieved a great deal of women of their family’s heirloom over the years. The Phantom now plans to steal the largest diamond in the world. Due to its pink shade and a shadow in the centre, which looks like a leaping panther, the stone is called “The Pink Panther”.

The man behind The Phantom is none other than british nobleman Sir Charles Lytton. He tries to ensnare Dala, princess of Lugash, who is the current owner of the diamond. While doing so, he accidently falls in love with her – much to the displeasure of his paramour Simone, who happens to be married to Clouseau.

Meanwhile, Lytton’s nephew George also tries to get to the diamond. His plan is to blame the coup on The Phantom. Neither one of them knows about the other one’s involvement in the crime milieu …

Funny and entertaining after all these years. (Common Sense Media)