12. Januar 2010: The Dark Knight (OV)

The Dark Knight

USA, UK (2008)

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ab 16 Dolby Digital CinemaScope
Regie: Christopher Nolan
Schauspieler: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Gary Oldman
152 Minuten
The glorious Sequel of Batman Begins
Batman and the Gotham city police have just started working together when a dangerous criminal, known as the Joker, appears. He causes a wave of chaos and has no scruples about killing his own collaborators to gain the entire fortune of the mafia. Lieutenant Gordon of the police and Batman decide to include the district attorney Harvey Dent in their fight against the Joker and the mafia. Meanwhile, the Joker offers to kill Batman for the mafia bosses in Gotham. The price is just 50% of their money. Though they do not want to take the offer at first, they finally give in. Now, the Joker announces to the public of Gotham that he will kill a few people every day until Batman delivers himself to the police and unmasks himself. To prove that he is not joking, he kills some people that fight against crime. In the hope of catching the Joker, Harvey Dent anounces that he is Batman. This plan actually succeeds and Lieutnant Gordon arrests the Joker and is therefore promoted to commissioner. However, Harvey Dent and his girlfriend Rachel have disappeared. The Joker willingly gives the two locations where they are to be found. As the Joker has exchanged the addresses, Batman rescues Harvey instead of Rachel. Though he is alive, one half of Harvey´s face is totally burned and disfigured (Two-Face is born). The Joker is able to escape and threatens both the inhabitants of Gotham city and commissioner Gordon's family.
Heath Ledger gave a completely new, powerful, threatening face to the Joker with his brilliant performance.

Inwieweit Heath Ledgers Leistung als Gegenspieler von Batman in Dark Knight gewürdigt worden wäre ohne den tragischen Tod des Schauspielers, kann heute nicht mehr beantwortet werden. Sicher aber ist, dass Ledger die Rolle des Jokers mit einer Intensität ausfüllt, die so ziemlich alle seine finsteren Vorgänger weit hinter sich lässt. Ledger spielt nicht den Joker, für 152 Minuten ist er der Joker. (Die Zeit)